Space sales army academy since 1998

Learn Seo coding coaching backlinks trends ecosystem research

Stage one landing Ecosystem capturing page website hosting .cache fire walls increase speed of sight hosting and design . speed test and analysis study of links bugs of sight score from google bing yahoo yext moz and bugs on embedding videos or youtube facebook twitter
videos on character

stage 2 dashboards $29.95 video and audio different languages
WordPress or custom sites coding.increase vision board and architectural business plan and trends excel dashboards send out emails and text to cell phone daily and draw traffic to site and wifi dash boards for loyalty programs send out coupons for discounts on sales products and restaurant for selling to other business and meeting 2020 standards and requirements for all indexes globally .for bio images text blogs videos and how your page word creates intent for indexes and shows how long people visit site bookmark site and watch training video tools . tell your story. you are unique and their is no one like you .let us help you tell your vision and plans and expectations and how you will build your super bowl business team

Stage three course live streaming concepts for high conversions since 1998
instruction videos for changes on your landing site $29.95
create a review board. go first on google with daily changes free .
click funnel and show business how to save money and get new customers
and increase revenue and get live reviews from new clients patients consumers
site audit amplify backlinks learn web crawling seo methodology overview
research phase audits search trends behaviors
why people buy and why there searching
are they looking to learn or are they a hot buyer and you can be the top seller
for trends brands for your product to fix keywords meta tags page titles.
measure your report after investigation and share with clients and get reviews after changes and get rating and high ranking
learn how to write blogs and ask questions like wikipedia
for each page header and page recording image records and videos compressing for speed test
learn how to build your personal zoom and go live on your web page and embed videos on your site and never share revenue with youtube build a facebook

certification certificate after completion

Sales army academy SINCE 1998
and license phone company
BnB transatlantic ocean fiber inc
wholesale high speed internet and Isp
numbers for virtual private networks
new business customers ECOSYSTEM
stores restaurants coffee shops drive through taco shops gyms
art galleries hospitals nursing homes sports teams
television stations wifi car cones data sharing
car lots auctions real estate insurances agencies
digital billboards and affiliate programs
pick an Ecosystem in your budget
1. landing page $300 to $700 monthly
why craigslist posting why twitter
every time you post you send out a press release
2. SEO architect design $1000 monthly
100 platforms registration review boards
3. brian’s paralegal $10.000
trade marks patton’s boost business or
personal credit 200 points
press releases brand optimization
for your brand Ecosystem study and research plan analysis
coding increase sales and new customer capture page
site test score updates embed videos compress videos images and 1000 words blog